Circular Economy in St. Louis

October 21, 2019
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
McDonnell Hall, Room 362, St. Louis, MO

Transitioning to a circular economy creates opportunities to make our societies more inclusive, accessible, and sustainable by bringing together the principles of social engagement and economic opportunity. From rethinking our relationship to resources to developing new methods of collaboration and community-building, circular economy has the potential to serve as a catalyst for regenerative social, economic, and environmental progress.

Join the Post-Carbon-Cities of Tomorrow (POCACITO) project, the Office of Sustainability and the Student Environment Council to develop innovative approaches to understanding and creating a circular economy capable of addressing the environmental and social issues faced by St. Louis, featuring European speakers from Ljubljana (Slovenia), Warsaw (Poland), and Berlin (Germany); local perspectives from the WUSTL community; and board games.

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