Climate Research Collaboration: Bronwen Konecky, PhD

February 15, 2023
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Schnuck Pavilion, Room 202
Topic: Climate change and the global water cycle
Featuring: Bronwen Konecky, PhD, Assistant Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences
Audience: Faculty

The Climate Research Collaboration is a monthly, climate-focused, and research-based discussion that allows faculty from all seven schools to share their work and learn about others while fostering and strengthening collaborations. 

During each session a faculty member provides a brief overview of their work followed by discussion. These discussions provide an opportunity for an interdisciplinary exchange that can help identify areas of collaboration or innovative directions for new projects. Ultimately, we hope these discussions will culminate in new teams advancing projects, grant applications, new courses, and/or community impact.

Sessions will take place in Schnuck Pavilion 202. Lunch is provided.