Go Green for the Red | Panel Discussion on Period Poverty

March 22, 2021
6:00 pm - 7:15 pm

Periods are a pain but they don’t have to be for your wallet, or for the earth. In the past few years, thanks to the leadership of empowered feminists looking to redefine the quality of menstrual products while taking down the stigma of periods, the reusable menstrual products movement has rapidly grown. Reusable cloth pads, period underwear, menstrual disks, menstrual cups, sea sponges, and many more options are now available. 

Go Green for the Red aims to educate menstruators in the WashU community on sustainable period products and menstrual health, while also working to alleviate period poverty on campus by providing information about and access to affordable reusable period products. 

The program will kickoff on March 22 with a panel discussion featuring local and international experts on period poverty, personal health, and environmental health. See below for information on panelists.

This event is co-sponsored by CS40.