WUCCP is dedicated to identifying curricular gaps and assessing the effectiveness of current climate education. Additionally, we explore and evaluate opportunities for new climate courses while supporting and advertising current climate coursework.  WUCCP seeks to integrate climate curricula throughout the University and maintain an up-to-date database of climate-relevant curricular offerings.



Resources for Curricula

Course Highlights

WashU offers hundreds of classes relating to sustainability and climate change across multiple schools and departments. Here are a few of our favorites.

Climate Curricular Guides

Climate change is a huge topic. It affects the world on an unprecedented scale. WUCCP identifies and compiles courses that relate climate change and a variety of disciplines. Whether you’re interested in learning about climate change from a new perspective, want to branch out without abandoning your current course of study, or you’re just looking for a consolidated list of climate-related courses, our Curricular Guides offer a great resource.

Curriculum Database

Want to connect with professors, find out about classes, and learn about climate-related research at Washington University? Check out our Curriculum Database!

Climate-Related Degrees

Washington University manages over 90 fields of study. Here are those relating to climate change.