WUCCP has compiled courses into climate-related guides to provide interested students with suggested courses that can be taken along any course of study. The Climate Curricular Guides are simply meant to assist students in course selection. There are no requirements for completion.

Curricular guides have been made under the topics of Climate and Energy, Climate and Health, Climate and Cities, and Climate and Ecology. WUCCP is developing more climate guides with additional disciplinary relations.

Our Guides:

Please note:

  • Each course will vary in the amount of time dedicated to each area of focus – please look at the course description and at our Curriculum Database for guidance.
  • Not every listing will directly relate to the area of focus. Some classes may instead develop skills needed to tackling climate change as it relates to the area of focus.
  • Some courses may require prerequisites.

This is a work in progress. Don’t hesitate to contact us with what guides you would like to see us to develop in the future. Please email climatechange@wustl.edu.

If you know of a course that you believe should be in our Climate Curricular Guides, let us know! Please fill out the form below: