The Washington University Climate Change Program (WUCCP) has compiled courses into climate-related guides to provide students who are interested in these topics with suggested courses that can be taken along any course of study. The Climate Curricular Guides are simply meant to assist students in course selection. There are no requirements for completion.

Courses in the Climate and Cities Guide have been compiled to provide all students interested in cities and climate change with a guide to relevant areas of study. We have included a wide range of courses from different schools and disciplines in order to provide various lenses through which climate change and its implications can be understood. We encourage you to look at courses both within and outside your school or major and encourage you to look at the specific course descriptions as you determine if a course may fit within your course of study.

Contact Information

If you have any questions feel free to contact the Climate and Cities Guide leads Prof. Scott Krummenacher, Lecturer of Environmental Studies, at or Prof. Linda Samuels, Associate Professor in Urban Design, at

Please note:

  • Each course will vary in the amount of time dedicated to climate and cities — please look at the course description and at our Curriculum Database for guidance.
  • Not every listing will directly relate to climate and cities. Some classes may instead develop skills needed to tackle climate change as it relates to cities.
  • Some courses may require prerequisites.
  • **Graduate courses are noted with a double asterisk. Not all graduate courses are open to undergraduates; please check with the instructor.

This is a work in progress. If we are missing a course, let us know! Please email

College of Arts and Sciences

AMCS 122 Ampersand: Pathfinder – A Sense of Place: Discovering the Environment of St. Louis
Anthro 3609 From Hazard to Catastrophe: Case Studies in Environmental Disasters
Anthro 361 Culture and Environment
Anthro 4242 Social Movements
Anthro 4285 Environmental Archaeology
Anthro 481 Zooarchaeology
Art-Arch 4930 Picturing the Anthropocene: Landscape, Land Art, and Eco Art
Econ 451 Environmental Policy
Econ 460 Urban Economics
Econ 472 Topics in Growth and Development
Educ 4289 Neighborhoods, Schools, and Social Inequality
EnSt 110 Environmental Issues
EnSt 290 Sophomore Seminar in Sustainability and the Environment
EnSt 310 Ecological Economics
EnSt 346 Environmental Justice
EnSt 347 Sustainable Cities
EnSt 357 Environmental Problem Solving
EnSt 375 Urban Ecology
EnSt 380 Applications in GIS
EnSt 461 Intro to Environmental Law
EnSt 481 Advanced GIS
EPSc 111 Introduction To Global Climate Change In the 21st Century
EPSc 221A Human Use of the Earth
EPSc 308 Topics in Environmental Sustainability
Hist 3194 Environment and Empire
Phil 235F Introduction to Environmental Ethics
Pol Sci* 2010 Introduction to Environmental Policy
Pol Sci* 3752 Topics in American Politics: Globalization, Urbanization, & the Environment
SOC 106 Social Problems and Social Issues
SOC 4810 Global Structures and Problems
URST 299 The Study of Cities and Metropolitan America

*Note: The Political Science department occasionally offers special Topics courses about climate change.

Brown School of Social Work

MPH 5335** Transdisciplinary Problem-solving: From The Inside-out: Public Health & The Built Environment
MPH 5925** Public Health And Urban Design Seminar I
SWCD 5078** Developing Sustainable Urban Communities
SWCD 5382** Designing Sustainable Social Policies & Programs: A System Dynamics Approach

Interdisciplinary Programs

INTER D 101 Earth’s Future: Causes and Consequences of Global Climate Change
INTER D 329F Tale of Two Cities: Documenting Our Divides
INTER D 405 Sustainability Exchange: Community and University Practicums
INTER D 406 Urban Ecosystem Principles Integration

McKelvey School of Engineering

EECE 413 Green Engineering
EECE 533** Physical and Chemical Processes for Water Treatment
EECE 591** Energy and Buildings
MEMS 5423** Sustainable Environmental Building Systems
MEMS 5705** Wind Energy Systems

Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts

ARCH 350 Service Learning Course: Environmental Issues
ARCH 434M Materials Research Seminar
ARCH 434R Decoding Sustainability
ARCH 438 Environmental Systems I
ARCH 4381 Environmental Systems I: Site Planning
ARCH 439 Environmental Systems II
ARCH 457B Segregation by Design: A Historical Analysis of the Impact of Planning and Policy in St. Louis
ARCH 462H Information Modeling for Sustainable Design
ART 229F** Tale of Two Cities: Documenting Our Divides
ART 5851/6851** Art-ivism
LAND 502L** Landscape Architecture Design Studio II: Planning & Preservation
LAND 541A** Plants & Environment
LAND 551A** Landscape Ecology
LAND 560A** Trees, Soils, & Systems: Introduction to Arboriculture
MUD 571A** Ideas in Urbanism
MUD 658** Metropolitan Sustainability
MUD 766D** Advanced Seminar in Urban Sustainability II
MUD 781** Directed Readings in Sustainable Urbanism I

University College

Anthro 361 Culture and Environment
Anthro 3796 Ecocide and Climate Change: The Collapse of Societies
CRM 509** Health and Society
EPSc 121 Introduction To Global Climate Change
SUST 205 Foundations and Practice of Sustainability
SUST 319 Planning Sustainable & Racially Equitable Urban Communities
SUST 328 Environmental Law: Applications Toward Sustainability
SUST 329 The Metropolis