Infectious Diseases, Livestock, and Climate: A Vicious Cycle?

WashU affiliated authors: Rachel Penczykowski, Amanda Koltz (Dept. of Biology)

Abstract: Ruminant livestock are a significant contributor to global methane emissions. Infectious diseases have the potential to exacerbate these contributions by elevating methane outputs associated with animal production. With the increasing spread of many infectious diseases, the emergence of a vicious climate–livestock–disease cycle is a looming threat.

Citation: Ezenwa, Vanessa O., David J. Civitello, Brandon T. Barton, Daniel J. Becker, Maris Brenn-White, Aimée T. Classen, Sharon L. Deem et al. “Infectious Diseases, Livestock, and Climate: A Vicious Cycle?.” Trends in Ecology & Evolution (2020).