WUCCP is committed to organizing and coordinating public events related to climate issues both inside and outside of the University. We collaborate with on-campus partners, such as the Office of Sustainability, Tyson Research Center, the Institute for School Partnership, programs and departments at WashU, and others.

WUCCP works to determine effective frameworks for campus-community partnerships. Additionally, WUCCP sustains and expands opportunities for students, faculty and staff to participate in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC). Learn more about WashU’s involvement here. This is part of its efforts to connect the student body to climate science and policy in the international community.

Resources for Outreach

University Climate Change Coalition

The UC3 program is a collaboration of North American research universities committed to climate action and cross-sector collaboration.

K-12 Climate Across Curriculum

WUCCP is developing an outreach program to integrate climate into the curricula of local K-12 schools.

International Climate Engagement

Washington University in St. Louis is proud to be part of the RINGO constituency for the annual UNFCCC. If you would like to participate, or you simply wish to learn what these acronyms mean, visit our page!