It’s Getting Hot in Here is a podcast hosted by student climate associates at the Washington University Climate Change Program. By students and for students, our goal is to provide a space to learn about how climate change influences our lives and our future, no matter how much prior knowledge you have.

Listen to the podcast here. Show notes are available below.

Podcast artwork created by Shiyeon Monk (c/o 2024). Monk’s artist statement on inspiration behind the artwork: “I think the term global warming has been desensitized in today’s society. We hear the term a lot in the movies, the news, and a whole lot more on social media, but to everyday people, hearing about how our daily life will eventually destroy the living spaces for our future generation. And that I think leads to people just acting carelessly. With this illustration, I wanted to highlight this negligent behavior when it comes to the topic of global warming. I set the setting in a swimming pool because of its correlation with lazier, and I basically drowned the earth with all of the waste produced by humans. I hope that this image is a good reflection of how we’re acting while the place we live is being destroyed and brings some awareness of our situation.”

Divestment and Universities

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Fast Fashion

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Introduction and Climate Literacy

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