Joseph Steensma

Professor of Practice, Brown School of Social Work

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For over 20 years, Professor Steensma has been helping large companies and governmental entities reduce their environmental footprint by developing solutions tailored to their individual needs. Through business process improvement, the development of technologies, and better resource management entities have reduced emissions and releases into the environment by hundreds of thousands of tons. More recently, since transitioning his career to higher education, Steensma has been focused on research that looks at food security and environmental degradation, air quality and nutritional status. His background in business and in science has served as a go-between across schools and programs. He works in Haiti, where he collaborates with a local University and colleagues at Wash U (Lora Iannotti) to study fisheries, nutrition, and environmental economics. He also collaborates with colleagues from the school of engineering (Brent Williams, Jay Turner, and Lora Iannotti) to study environmental conditions and nutritional status in Haiti.