Edythe Weeks, PhD

Adjunct Faculty and Fulbright Specialist, Political Science

“Weeks research is aimed at building networks to establish lecturing, teaching, curricular opportunities and cultivating research partnerships for advancing humanity’s ability to understand issues related to climate change, environmental justice and sustainability concerning remote regions. Since 2009, Weeks has been teaching at Washington University for the Department of Political Science. Weeks specializes in presenting cutting-edge ideas on politics, international law, and broader consequences related climate change in the Arctic, Antarctica and Outer Space. Though the Fulbright Specialist Program Weeks has extended her teaching to Siberia and Xalapa, Mexico. She has been teaching students, scholars, academics and professionals from a broad array of disciplines, collaboration with Universidad Veracruzana’s North American Studies Program Universidad, the Centro de Ciencias de la Tierra, and the Instituto de Ecologia of Xalapa. Weeks is establishing curricular and lecture opportunities and research networks in the remote Omsk region of Siberia, in collaboration with Omsk F.M. Dostoevsky State University. Although Weeks focuses on remote regions, her methodology allows participants to generate innovative and creative insights, which they can be extended and applied to a wide variety of international topics.”