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Abigail Aderonmu

Postdoctoral Research Associate, InCEES

Abigail Aderonmu is a Postdoctoral Research Associate with the International Center for Energy, Environment and Sustainability (InCEES) at Washington University in St Louis. Her research interests focus on the human dimensions of global environmental change, including climate change and variability, adaptation, mitigation, as well as vulnerability and resilience in agricultural systems.
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Rebecca Dudley

PhD Candidate, Anthropology

Rebecca Dudley is a PhD student in Sociocultural Anthropology at Washington University in St. Louis. Her research focuses on industrial farmers in the United States, how they interact with institutions of governance and technology, and how environments are transformed. In this research, she brings in theoretical lenses from economic and environmental anthropology, science and technology studies, and historical ecology. She is particularly interested in how climate change-related events are disrupting industrial farming processes, and how industrial agriculturalists are responding. Rebecca has extensive experience working within the U.S. Department of Agriculture.


Other institutional affiliations: Agri-Food Workshop

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Vincent Fasanello

PhD Candidate, Evolution, Ecology and Population Biology

I combine Experimental Evolution with large-scale biogeography research to better understand how organisms evolve in- and adapt to- harsh and fluctuating environments. With this unique combination of approaches, I am able to explore not only the patterns found in nature but also the underlying evolutionary and ecological processes that contribute to their formation and maintenance.


Other institutional affiliations: Botero Lab (WUSTL); Fay Lab (University of Rochester).

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Joonmo Kang

PhD Candidate, Social Work

My dissertation research examines the impact of climate-related disaster on the livelihoods and everyday vulnerability of the marginalized population living in jjokbang-chon, one of the last remaining slum neighborhoods in South Korea. The study also examines the role of social work institutions in addressing this population’s needs and challenges.

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Jarunetr (Nadia) Sae-Lim

PhD Candidate, Earth and Planetary Sciences

I am interested in Quaternary paleoclimate, climate change, wildfire, remote sensing, and GIS. My research involve reconstructions of past climates and ecological properties based on multi-proxies from lakes in Alaska and Peruvian Andes.


Other institutional affiliations: Dept. of Earth and Planetary Science's Climate and Paleoclimate Laboratory.

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Kai Su

PhD Candidate, Anthropology

I study environmental archaeology in Southwest China. It is about how climate change affected the rise and fall of an archaeological settlement, or more broadly of a regional civilization.


Other institutional affiliations: Dept. of Anthropology's Geoarchaeology Lab.