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Ivy Blackmore

Postdoctoral Researcher, Public Health/Fisheries Ecology

As a postdoc, Ivy is focused on implementing an intervention in coastal Kenya that addresses malnutrition and its intersections with fisheries sustainability. Her research interests include rural food production systems and livelihood security in low income countries, social-ecological interactions, and subsistence agriculture adaptation and resilience to climate change.


Other institutional affiliations: E3 Nutrition Lab; Humphries Lab

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Emma Frawley

PhD Candidate, Evolution, Ecology, and Population Biology

I'm interested in investigating genetic and phenotypic variation in wild plants with agricultural and cultural value, and broadly motivated by improving the sustainability of our food systems.


Other institutional affiliations: Dept. of Anthropology; Danforth Plant Science Center

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Abigail Hunt

JD Candidate, Energy and Environmental Law Society

I am a law student dedicated to pursuing public interest environmental law. I will be spending my summer working with the USDA Office of General Counsel and I am excited to pursue my passion, working at the intersection of rural equity, environmental sustainability, and social justice.

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Joonmo Kang

PhD Candidate, Social Work

My dissertation research examines the impact of climate-related disaster on the livelihoods and everyday vulnerability of the marginalized population living in jjokbang-chon, one of the last remaining slum neighborhoods in South Korea. The study also examines the role of social work institutions in addressing this population’s needs and challenges.

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Jenise Sheppard

JD Candidate, December 2021

I've spent my undergraduate career working as a research fellow and intern for organizations whose missions include environmental stewardship and study of nature and its processes. A focus of both the MO Sierra Club and Tyson Research Center included grassroots and community organizations.

Other institutional affiliations: Tyson Research Center; Goodman Theatre Company; Missouri Sierra Club

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Christopher Weatherly

PhD Candidate, Social Work

Chris Weatherly is a 3rd year doctoral student in social work at the Brown School as well as a licensed clinical social worker. His research focuses on the impact of climate change on mental health, specifically looking at this intersection from a system dynamics perspective.