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Ivy Blackmore

Postdoctoral Researcher, Public Health/Fisheries Ecology

As a postdoc, Ivy is focused on implementing an intervention in coastal Kenya that addresses malnutrition and its intersections with fisheries sustainability. Her research interests include rural food production systems and livelihood security in low income countries, social-ecological interactions, and subsistence agriculture adaptation and resilience to climate change.


Other institutional affiliations: E3 Nutrition Lab; Humphries Lab

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Jake Ogata Bernstein

PhD Candidate, Earth & Planetary Sciences

My work involves refining techniques that geochemists use to reconstruct the behavior of the global sulfur cycle, which is coupled to the carbon cycle through a series of (usually biological) reactions and supports inferences about the chemistry of the atmosphere and oceans over Earth's history. In particular, I focus on a series of rocky outcrops near St. Louis that were deposited ~450 million years ago, at a time when exceptionally high sea levels had submerged much of the North American Midcontinent (then near the Equator) in a vast, shallow sea.


Other institutional affiliations: Stable Isotope Biogeochemistry Lab.

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Callie Sharp

JD Candidate, Law

I will be co-president of the Energy and Environmental Law Society (EELS) at the law school for the '20-'21 academic year. My undergraduate research was conducted at Argonne National Laboratory and focused on organic carbon prediction methodology in the permafrost region. My work experience includes lab and field technician work for the DOE and work with university sustainability education programming, and I will be working as a legal extern for the EPA Office of Regional Counsel in Chicago during summer 2020.