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Georgy Falster

Postdoctoral Research Associate, Earth and Planetary Sciences

I aim to better understand changes in the global water cycle during the past 2000 years. This will help us to understand the response of the water cycle to future global climate changes.

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Jack Hutchings

Staff Scientist, Konecky Lab

The stable isotopes of water are critical tracers of both modern and past hydroclimate regimes. Current research activities include: measurement and interpretation of triple oxygen isotopes in modern precipitation, developing paleo-hydroclimate records using the hydrogen isotopic composition of leaf waxes, and synthesis of recent literature towards improved models of precipitation-to-leaf wax isotopic differences.

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Alessandro Mauceri

PhD Candidate, Earth & Planetary Sciences

My research focuses on exploring Quaternary changes in tropical South American climate and ecosystems via organic geochemical proxies. Specifically, I use the hydrogen isotopic composition of plant wax biomarkers preserved in lacustrine sedimentary archives to reconstruct long-term climate changes in the Brazilian Amazon and Colombian Andes.
Other institutional affiliations: Climate and Paleoclimate Laboratory
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Jenise Sheppard

JD Candidate, December 2021

I've spent my undergraduate career working as a research fellow and intern for organizations whose missions include environmental stewardship and study of nature and its processes. A focus of both the MO Sierra Club and Tyson Research Center included grassroots and community organizations.

Other institutional affiliations: Tyson Research Center; Goodman Theatre Company; Missouri Sierra Club