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Carlos A Botero, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Biology

  • Evolutionary ecology
Derek Hoeferlin, MArch

Derek Hoeferlin, MArch

Associate Professor, Chair of landscape architecture and urban design programs

  • Architecture
  • Landscape architecture
  • Urban design
  • Water-based design strategies
  • Climate change adaptation
  • Comparative watershed research
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Jonathan Katz, PhD

Professor of Physics

  • Historical climatology
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Jonathan Myers, PhD

Associate Professor of Biology

  • Biodiversity & Environmental Change
  • Community Ecology
  • Biogeography
  • Fire & Disturbance Ecology
  • Species Interactions in Changing Environments
  • Forest Ecology
  • Plant Functional Ecology & Ecophysiology
  • Restoration Ecology
  • Tropical Ecology
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Leyao Wang, PhD

Instructor, Department of Internal Medicine

  • Impact of extreme climate events on human health
  • Disaster exposure in early life and human microbiome
  • Chronic diseases
  • Human health
  • Microbiomes