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Alexander S Bradley, PhD

Associate Professor, Earth and Planetary Sciences

  • Environmental and biological parameters that produce chemical compounds stored in the geological record
  • Compounds that can be climate proxies
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David A Fike, PhD

Professor, Earth and Planetary Sciences

  • Biogeochemical cycling
  • Stable isotope analysis
  • Earth's long-term environmental evolution
  • Past records of Earth's environmental change
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Tristram R. Kidder

Chair and Professor of Anthropology

  • Historical ecology
  • Landscape and environmental archaeology
  • Climate’s impact on human societies
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Ryan Ogliore, PhD

Assistant Professor, Physics

  • Paleoproxies of climate change


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Feng Sheng Hu, PhD

Dean of the Faculty of Arts & Sciences and Professor, Biology and Earth & Planetary Sciences

  • Long-term ecosystem dynamic changes due to climate change
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Jennifer R Smith, PhD

Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences; Professor, Earth and Planetary Sciences

  • Understanding the interaction between humans and their environment as recorded in the archeological record
  • Effects of climatic and environmental changes on resources available to people through time
  • Effects of changes in population and technology on human environmental impact
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Glenn Davis Stone, PhD

Professor, Anthropology

  • Environmental anthropology
  • Political ecology
  • Agricultural systems
  • Indigenous knowledge
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Brent Williams, PhD

Raymond R. Tucker Distinguished InCEES Career Development Associate Professor

  • Composition, Chemistry, and Physics of Earth’s Atmosphere
  • Role of Biogenic and Anthropogenic Gases and Particles
  • Impacts on Human Health