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Ramesh Agarwal, PhD

William Palm Professor of Engineering

  • Sustainable Aviation and Ground Transportation
  • Green and High Performance Buildings
  • HVAC & R Systems
  • Climate Modeling
  • Global Warming
  • Stabilization Wedges to Control Global Warming
  • Sustainable Development
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Damena Agonafer, PhD

Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science

  • Data Center Cooling
  • Thermal Management
  • Thermal Desalination
  • Hypersonics
  • Additive Manufacturing
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Richard Axelbaum, PhD

The Stifel & Quinette Jens Professor of Environmental Engineering Science, Energy, Environ. & Chem. Engr.

  • Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS)
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Peng Bai, PhD

Assistant Professor in Energy, Environmental & Chemical Engineering

  • Electrochemical Energy Storage Systems
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Arpita Bose, PhD

Associate Professor of Biology and Earth & Planetary Sciences

  • Sustainable bioproduction
  • Carbon sequestration
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Ray Ehrhard, PhD

Senior Lecturer, Energy, Environmental & Chemical Engineering

  • Pollution control
  • Energy management
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Bret Gustafon, PhD

Associate Professor of Anthropology

  • Corruption in the fossil fuel industry
  • Community resistance to polluting corporations
  • Corporate and academic greenwashing
  • Fossil fuel industry interference in local and state policy making
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Patty Heyda, MArch

Associate Professor, Urban Design and Architecture

  • American cities
  • Redevelopment, Race and Inequality
  • Cities and climate change
  • Mapping
  • Urban Design
  • Architecture
  • Planning and Public policy
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Rohan Mishra, PhD

Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science

  • Electrocatalysts
  • Solar cells
  • Batteries
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Bryce Sadtler, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry

  • Solar Energy Conversion
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Patricia Weisensee, PhD

Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science

  • HVAC-R systems
  • Energy efficiency and thermal management of electronics
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Michael Wysession, PhD

​Professor, Earth and Planetary Sciences

  • Earth Structure
  • Energy Systems
  • Geoscience Education
  • Geoscience Literacy
  • Seismology
  • STEM Education