Lora Iannotti, PhD

Lora Iannotti, PhD

Associate Professor of Public Health

  • Nutrition
  • Sustainable healthy diets
  • Food security
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Ramesh Raliya, PhD

Research Scientist, Energy, Environmental and Chemical Engineering

  • Reducing fertilizer runoff
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Energy efficient recovery
  • Recycling and reuse of nutrients and water
  • Integration of data science and artificial intelligence
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Mary Ruppert-Stroescu, PhD

Associate Professor, Fashion Design

  • Sustainable fashion
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Joseph Steensma, EdD

Professor of Practice, Public Health

  • Sustainable food systems
  • Leveraging enterprise to solve environmental problems
  • Food/climate/ecology/enterprise nexus
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Glenn Davis Stone, PhD

Professor, Anthropology

  • Environmental anthropology
  • Political ecology
  • Agricultural systems
  • Indigenous knowledge
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Jay Turner, PhD

Professor, Energy, Environmental and Chemical Enginnering; Vice Dean for Education

  • Air quality
  • Green engineering
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Leyao Wang, PhD

Instructor, Department of Internal Medicine

  • Impact of extreme climate events on human health
  • Disaster exposure in early life and human microbiome
  • Chronic diseases
  • Human health
  • Microbiomes