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Matthew Austin

Biodiversity Postdoctoral Fellow, Living Earth Collaborative

I am a pollination ecologist who studies how pollination systems are affected by changing environments. At WashU, I am studying how climate change affects the time of year that plant species bloom, and how this in turn affects the ecology and evolution of plant-pollinator communities.


Other Institutional Affiliations: Living Earth Collaborative

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Ivy Blackmore

Postdoctoral Researcher, Public Health/Fisheries Ecology

As a postdoc, Ivy is focused on implementing an intervention in coastal Kenya that addresses malnutrition and its intersections with fisheries sustainability. Her research interests include rural food production systems and livelihood security in low income countries, social-ecological interactions, and subsistence agriculture adaptation and resilience to climate change.


Other institutional affiliations: E3 Nutrition Lab; Humphries Lab

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Georgy Falster

Postdoctoral Research Associate, Earth and Planetary Sciences

I aim to better understand changes in the global water cycle during the past 2000 years. This will help us to understand the response of the water cycle to future global climate changes.