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Ramesh Agarwal, PhD

William Palm Professor of Engineering

  • Sustainable Aviation and Ground Transportation
  • Green and High Performance Buildings
  • HVAC & R Systems
  • Climate Modeling
  • Global Warming
  • Stabilization Wedges to Control Global Warming
  • Sustainable Development
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Damena Agonafer, PhD

Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science

  • Data Center Cooling
  • Thermal Management
  • Thermal Desalination
  • Hypersonics
  • Additive Manufacturing
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Richard Axelbaum, PhD

The Stifel & Quinette Jens Professor of Environmental Engineering Science, Energy, Environ. & Chem. Engr.

  • Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS)
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Peng Bai, PhD

Assistant Professor in Energy, Environmental & Chemical Engineering

  • Electrochemical Energy Storage Systems
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Tim Bartley, PhD

Professor of Sociology

  • Forests and climate
  • Transnational governance
  • Global production networks
  • Corporate sustainability
  • Environmental justice
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Arpita Bose, PhD

Associate Professor of Biology and Earth & Planetary Sciences

  • Sustainable bioproduction
  • Carbon sequestration
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Carlos A Botero, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Biology

  • Evolutionary ecology
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Alexander S Bradley, PhD

Associate Professor, Earth and Planetary Sciences

  • Environmental and biological parameters that produce chemical compounds stored in the geological record
  • Compounds that can be climate proxies
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Jeffrey G Catalano, PhD

Professor, Earth and Planetary Sciences

  • Biogeochemistry in soils and aquatic system
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David A Fike, PhD

Professor, Earth and Planetary Sciences

  • Biogeochemical cycling
  • Stable isotope analysis
  • Earth's long-term environmental evolution
  • Past records of Earth's environmental change
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Catalina Freixas, MArch

Associate Professor, Architecture

  • Resilience in natural, built, and social environments
  • Social and environmental consequences of urban segregation
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Daniel Giammar, PhD

Professor of Energy, Environmental & Chemical Engineering

  • Carbon Capture and Sequestration
  • Biogeochemical Processes Influencing Greenhouse Gas Emissions
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Bret Gustafon, PhD

Associate Professor of Anthropology

  • Corruption in the fossil fuel industry
  • Community resistance to polluting corporations
  • Corporate and academic greenwashing
  • Fossil fuel industry interference in local and state policy making
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Sophia Hayes, PhD

Professor, Department of Chemistry

  • Carbon capture and sequestration
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Patty Heyda, MArch

Associate Professor, Urban Design and Architecture

  • American cities
  • Redevelopment, Race and Inequality
  • Cities and climate change
  • Mapping
  • Urban Design
  • Architecture
  • Planning and Public policy
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John Hoal, MAUD

Professor, Architecture

  • Sustainable Urbanism
  • Design and activation of public space
  • Climate Resiliency Planning
  • Equitable City Redevelopment
  • Philosophy of architecture and the city
Derek Hoeferlin, MArch

Derek Hoeferlin, MArch

Associate Professor, Chair of landscape architecture and urban design programs

  • Architecture
  • Landscape architecture
  • Urban design
  • Water-based design strategies
  • Climate change adaptation
  • Comparative watershed research
Lora Iannotti, PhD

Lora Iannotti, PhD

Associate Professor of Public Health

  • Nutrition
  • Sustainable healthy diets
  • Food security
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Young-Shin Jun, PhD

Professor in Energy, Environmental & Chemical Engineering

  • Carbon capture, utilization, and storage
  • CO2-material interactions
  • Water purification for remote or disaster-struck areas
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Jonathan Katz, PhD

Professor of Physics

  • Historical climatology
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Bronwen L Konecky, PhD

Assistant Professor, Earth and Planetary Sciences

  • Tropical climate variability and change
  • Paleoclimatology
  • Global water cycle
  • Stable isotope and organic geochemistry
  • Paleoclimate modeling and data-model intercomparison
  • Natural drivers of climate change
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Johnelle Lamarque, PhD

Lecturer, Anthropology

  • Environmental and housing issues
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Suzanne Loui, PhD

Lecturer, Environmental Studies

  • Environmental humanities
  • Environmental modernism
  • Public perception of energy technologies
  • Science communication
  • Environmental History
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Frank Lovett, PhD

Professor, Political Science

  • Theories of Freedom
  • Social Justice
  • Rule of Law
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Randall Martin, PhD

Professor in Energy, Environmental and Chemical Engineering

  • Atmospheric composition
  • Atmospheric aerosols
  • Satellite remote sensing
  • Atmospheric modeling
  • Atmospheric chemistry
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Edward McPherson, MFA

Associate Professor of English

  • Environmental justice
  • Climate Change
  • Radioactive/nuclear legacy
  • Fracking/oil & gas production
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Kim Medley, PhD

Director of Tyson Research Center, Tyson Research Center

  • Ecology and evolution of infectious diseases
  • Urban ecology and evolution
  • Disease vector ecology and evolution
  • Human-environment interactions
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Rohan Mishra, PhD

Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science

  • Electrocatalysts
  • Solar cells
  • Batteries
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Jonathan Myers, PhD

Associate Professor of Biology

  • Biodiversity & Environmental Change
  • Community Ecology
  • Biogeography
  • Fire & Disturbance Ecology
  • Species Interactions in Changing Environments
  • Forest Ecology
  • Plant Functional Ecology & Ecophysiology
  • Restoration Ecology
  • Tropical Ecology
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Ryan Ogliore, PhD

Assistant Professor, Physics

  • Paleoproxies of climate change


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Rachel Penczykowski, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Biology

  • Ecology and evolution of infectious diseases
  • Plant pathogen interaction with the environment
  • Environmental drivers of disease
  • Effects of diseases on ecosystems
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William Pickard, PhD

Senior Professor, Electricity and Systems Engineering

  • Exploring fossil fuel trajectories
  • Preparing for fossil fuel depletion
  • Evaluating sustainability of renewable energy sources
  • Discerning potential realism of proposed energy storage technologies
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Ramesh Raliya, PhD

Research Scientist, Energy, Environmental and Chemical Engineering

  • Reducing fertilizer runoff
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Energy efficient recovery
  • Recycling and reuse of nutrients and water
  • Integration of data science and artificial intelligence
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Mary Ruppert-Stroescu, PhD

Associate Professor, Fashion Design

  • Sustainable fashion
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Bryce Sadtler, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry

  • Solar Energy Conversion
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Linda Samuels, PhD

Associate Professor in Urban Design

  • Urban Design
  • Sustainable Urbanism
  • Next Generation Infrastructure
  • Alternative Metrics
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Betsy Sinclair, PhD

Professor, Political Science

  • Changes in attitudes and opinions surrounding climate change
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Jennifer R Smith, PhD

Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences; Professor, Earth and Planetary Sciences

  • Understanding the interaction between humans and their environment as recorded in the archeological record
  • Effects of climatic and environmental changes on resources available to people through time
  • Effects of changes in population and technology on human environmental impact
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Steven S Smith, PhD

Kate M. Gregg Distinguished Professor of Social Science, Professor of Political Science

  • Politics of Climate Change
  • Public Attitudes
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William H Smith, PhD

Professor, Earth and Planetary Sciences

  • Viability and composition of ecological niches
  • Identification of species in oceans
  • Land and urban environments
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Joseph Steensma, EdD

Professor of Practice, Public Health

  • Sustainable food systems
  • Leveraging enterprise to solve environmental problems
  • Food/climate/ecology/enterprise nexus
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Joan Strassmann, PhD

Charles Rebstock Professor of Biology

  • Response of protists like the social amoeba Dictyostelium to warming soil temperatures
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Yinjie Tang, PhD

Associate Professor, Energy, Environmental and Chemical Engineering

  • Bioprocess engineering
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Jay Turner, PhD

Professor, Energy, Environmental and Chemical Enginnering; Vice Dean for Education

  • Air quality
  • Green engineering
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Jian Wang, PhD

Professor, Energy, Environmental and Chemical Enginnering

  • Aerosols
  • Effects of aerosols on radiation, clouds, climate, and air quality
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Leyao Wang, PhD

Instructor, Department of Internal Medicine

  • Impact of extreme climate events on human health
  • Disaster exposure in early life and human microbiome
  • Chronic diseases
  • Human health
  • Microbiomes
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Edythe Weeks, PhD

Adjunct Faculty and Fulbright Specialist, Political Science

  • Outer Space and Polar Law & Politics
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Patricia Weisensee, PhD

Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science

  • HVAC-R systems
  • Energy efficiency and thermal management of electronics
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Katie Westby, PhD

Staff Scientist, Tyson Research Center

  • Mosquito ecology and evolution
  • Anthropogenic impacts on mosquitoes
  • Disease ecology
  • Urban evolutionary ecology
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Douglas Wiens, PhD

Robert S. Brookings Distinguished Professor, Earth and Planetary Sciences

  • West Antarctic Ice Sheet
  • Global sea level rise