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Estimation of stillbirths attributable to ambient fine particles in 137 countries

Yanshun Li (Energy, Environment, and Chemical Engineering) 11/22

Hydrocriticism and Colonialism in Latin America

Mabel Moraña (Latin American Studies), 9/22

Disparities in Air Pollutants Across Racial, Ethnic, and Poverty Groups at US Public Schools

Melanie S. Hammer, Randall V. Martin, Aaron Van Donkelaar (all Department of Energy, Environmental, and Chemical Engineering)

The Geographic Distribution of Dimorphic Mycoses in the United States for the Modern Era

Patrick B Mazi, John M Sahrmann, Margaret A Olsen, Ariella Coler-Reilly, Adriana M Rauseo, Julio C Zuniga-Moya, William G Powderly, Andrej Spec (all School of Medicine), 11/22

PM sensors as an indicator of overall air quality: Pre-COVID and COVID periods

Jai Prakash, Shruti Choudhary, Ramesh Raliya, Pratim Biswas (all Energy, Environmental & Chemical Engineering), 11/22

A Companion to American Agricultural History

Gayle Fritz (Anthropology), 2022

Unraveling the complexities of urban fluvial flood hydraulics through AI

Hossein Hosseiny (Earth and Planetary Sciences), 11/22

Biotechnology for a sustainable future: biomass and beyond

Joshua S. Yuan (Energy, Environmental, and Chemical Engineering), 10/22

A Pathway to Prioritizing and Delivering Healthy and Sustainable Cities

Eugen Resendiz (PhD, Public Health Sciences), 10/22

Machine learning and optimization based decision-support tool for seed variety selection

Durai Sundaramoorthi, Lingxiu Dong (both Olin Business School), 9/22